Mindfulness Drumming Circles




Mindfulness drumming circles in an educational setting offer a wide range of benefits, and with Mary Ventrellas experience and passion, the experience for both staff and students alike will not only be memorable, but will provide strategies for many classroom challenges.


Mindfulness drumming Circles can offer:

  • mindfulness meditation
  • Relationship building
  • embracing silence
  • emotional regulation
  • Community Building
  • reduced anxiety
  • in the moment intervention
  • increased capacity for empathy
  • Team building
  • increased ability to self-identify emotions
  • freedom of expression
  • student empowerment

Mindfulness drumming circles can be facilitated in a wide variety of educational settings; from elementary grades to college level courses, this alternative approach to learning allows for the exploration of useful concepts and strategies, and promotes learning about the Self in a safe and supportive environment. Many of the learning outcomes support and can be incorporated into current curriculum.

“Marys ability to connect with students on such a relatable level allowed for learning far beyond what was expected by students or teachers. The incorporation of core classroom values and themes that support current curriculum allowed for learning well beyond the Mindfulness Drumming Circle.”


"My Grade 4/5 students participated in a mindfulness drumming circle led by Dr. Mary. They were totally involved and enthusiastically shared their thoughts and feelings about the experience within the circle. Some of the students later used the mindfulness techniques to help them accomplish personal goals. One boy had a martial arts test and said, "Before I was tested, I closed my eyes and went through all the mindfulness steps so I could focus." Another student said she used mindfulness to memorize her times tables. A rewarding experience for all!"

- Mrs. Deborah Ishii
(Sts. Peter and Paul School, Mississauga)