Chronic Pain Group

A Mindfulness Based Approach to Wellness
A group for those with chronic pain

This is to be an 8 week program, that is to be facilitated once a week starting September 2017

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This group is meant to support those that are dealing with the symptoms of chronic pain, using a mindfulness based approach.
Group participants will learn about their symptoms and effective strategies using a mindfulness based approach to better identify symptoms, self-regulate and ultimately reduce associated symptoms that are associated with chronic pain.
Along with Mary’s extensive knowledge of a mindfulness based approach, she is also a graduate from a CYC program. Mary’s focus on central CYC themes, such as relationship and self, which complement themes in mindfulness, promoting not only the development of mindfulness strategies, but an environment that fosters the development of healthy, supportive relationships.

For those not yet ready for group support, individual counselling can also be provided.


Mindfulness consists of the clinical use of meditative practice, with the goal of supporting present moment awareness – without judgment.
With growing demands day-to day and the wide-spread effects chronic pain can have on the impact not only ones metal health but overall quality of life can be negatively affected. According to a study conducted by Statistics Canada conducted in 2007/2008, 1 in 10 aged 12-44 will suffer from chronic pain.
A mindfulness based approach is growing as the means of supporting those dealing with symptoms of chronic pain, with studies finding promising results.

“Mindfulness is about living your full life in the moment without judgement.
Mindfulness allows the acceptance of all parts of us. Ultimately, mindfulness allows us to live our desired truth.”

- Mary Ventrella PhD.

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